The First Journey of St.Paul (46-48 A.D.)

There is not much known about St. Paul's journeys prior to his departure from Jerusalem. His own and St. Barnabas mission is described in the Acts of the Apostles of the Bible. Chapters 13 to 21 describe the journeys St. Paul made in Anatolia followed by sections that describe his trial and his passage to Rome.

Leaving Antakva (Antioch) in the years-46-48 A.D. St. Paul came to the town of Samandag (Seleucia Pieria) and from there boarded a ship to travel to Cyprus. After staying some time in Cyprus he again made a sea journey to Antalya harbour. From Aksu (Perge) in Antalya, he continued on his journey by land and he visited Yalvac (Pisidian Antiochia) in Isparta, Konya (Iconium), Hatun,aray (Lystra) and Derbe (Asiran village) in Karaman. In these places he gave many sermons and converted a great many people to Christianity. Later he returned by the same route to Aksu (Perge) in Antalya and going on to Antakya (Antioch) he completed his journey