St Paul in Canakkale

St. Paul first visited Canakkale in order to get to Macedonia on his second journey. On his third journey he spent more time here. Going to Çanakkale (Troas) by sea he found people expecting him and he spent seven days here preaching. One of the miracles he performed at Canakkale was to resurrect from the dead a child that had fallen from a window whilst listening to him. After leaving Canakkale he chose to walk rather than go by sea and he took the direct route to Behramkale After having met in Behramkale , St Paul and his companions travelled to Millet by sea. One of the sections of the antique stone roads that St. Paul followed is to be found at Alexandria Troas, one of the largest and richest ports of the Classical Age. Stepping onto this road, unchanged for hundreds of years and coming down to us in a good state of repair, can bring the memory of the saint to lift, for you.