The Third Journey of St.Paul (53-57 A.D.)

The third journey is described in chapters 19 to 21 of the Acts of Apostles in the Bible. Passing through the interior of Turkey he came to Ephesus where he preached the Christian message for quite sometime. From here he travelled to Canakkale and then to Macedonia. Later he returned back to Canakkale by sea, and there he spent some time preaching and performed miracles. St. Paul went on foot from here to Behramkale (Assos) where he boarded a ship to Milet where he met the elders of Ephesus. He also said his goodbyes since he knew that he came close to dying. He spoke of the believers not losing their faith after his demise, of not wavering from spreading the message of Christ and tearfully bade his farwells. He travelled from Istanköy and Rhodes to Gelemiş (Patara) and changing ship here went to Finike. From here there was another ship journey to Syria followed by a passage to Jerusalem where he was arrested.